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Naples tourist guide

Naples guide"It is the story of a strong, vital, essential relationship imbued with myth".
In the words of Neapolitans and travellers, in cartography and in the paintings of its views, it is impossible to separate the idea of Naples from that of the sea.
According to a classical myth, Naples was built on the tomb of the siren Parthenope. It is a port city, and one of the largest and most important maritime cities of the Mediterranean, but above all it is an unforgettable, deep “amphitheatre over the gulf”.
Nothing in Naples is disconnected from its relationship with the sea, from Via Caracciolo to S. Lucia, from the Maritime Station to the Granili, and from Posillipo to Nisida; there is the unique panorama, the islands Capri, Ischia and Procida, the foothills of the Vesuvius, the archaeological remains of the Phlegrean area, the cuisine, the wine, the sailors’ and fishermen’s work, history, sport and religious traditions.


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